is an Initiative for Holistic Science Gatherings,
organized by Triple I-S, the International Institute for Inclusive Science,
that came into being in 2001.

Triple I-S:
was embedded in The Foundation for Environmental Consciousness till December 2005,
and continued in Amsterdam as an independent organisation from 2006 on.
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Five conferences:
Till now, there were two Seeds of Wholeness Conferences,
one in 2002 and the other in 2004.
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Seeds of Wholeness III was held in December 2005
"Promise and Practice of Associative Economics":

on co-investing in solar energy and exchange in products and services;
15 farmers and their consumers/investors share their experiences with us.

Seeds of wholeness IV was held in december 2009:
Lessons Learned in BOERzoektBUUR: cooperating in multiple value creation.

Seeds of Wholeness V will be held at 2-2-2016:
Inclusive Science 10 years 'on their own': Patterns and Practice in Pilots.
See, agenda.